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Doesn't work checking files by size in synching mode

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Doesn't work checking files by size in synching mode


In toucan 3.0.3 (latest version): doesn't work checking files by size in synching mode, so if there is file - 1.txt in folder A and same renamed file - 1a.txt in folder B synchronization simple copy it (or them) to another directory, even if there are
flag Check File by Size - checked.

It doesn't depend on any other combination of flags on file checking (in synchronization mode).

Any ideas???

Steve Lamerton
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think the problem here is that Toucan doesn't quite do what you think it does. At the moment it has no way of tracking file renames, the options that are there are for dealing with two files of the same name that may or may not be different.

I have been thinking about ways to deal with renamed files better, but I cannot give any sort of time frame as to when I might add such a feature.

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