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Toucan for Windows v. Suggestions

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Toucan for Windows v. Suggestions

1. Please add tool-tips to show complete field contents (especially on job names) as use long names! Thanks!

2. Please move (promote) "Help" and "About" buttons currently under "Settings" tab to top-level tabs (standard for Windows GUI). (Consider also Help and About are not program Settings.)

3. Please allow accessing network drives without the need to map the network location to a drive letter (this is so old and outdated, I haven't mapped a drive to a letter in five years!) Also if directly accessing a network drive without mapping is not possible, please do the error check at the very beginning of the Sync.



- jahmanjah.

Steve Lamerton
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will add extra tooltips in the release after next and will add extra checks for the network paths. Hopefully full support for network paths will be added too but I cannot promise it. As for the tabs there was some debate a while ago and having it separate as html won out in the end.

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