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Anonymous (not verified)

&RQ - it's an ICQ-client. Very powerful and nice Smile
Small size, portable contact list with save\load options from\to isq server, visibility check, save settings in .INI file, no records to registry, local history, many skins. I use it myself as portable messenger. So, as you see it's really good... Smile
Official page in russinan language, so catch download link
sory for my english!

Rob Loach
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Official Website?

I saw that russian website, but I also noticed this one.... Any ideas?

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crow (not verified)

&RQ is lite and will runn under tor, or low bandwidth . connection


its has lots of use full functions, try it

yoyurec (not verified)

it's old version, non supported!
see relise date...

John T. Haller
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Dead project

It would appear to be a dead project. There hasn't been an update in over a year. If it still works well, it may be worth mentioning, though.

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yoyurec (not verified)
but not russian!

Russian project is working well and often updates! &RQ is no more original - russian build more powerfull & have many fresh fiches.
so it may be worth mentioning! Smile

Ryan McCue
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it appears that they havent reached a 1.0 version yet
(if my russian is correct :-P)
Note:I just saw the numbers, I dont speak Russian
R McCue

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