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Help!! Local inbox purged after delete mails on server

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Help!! Local inbox purged after delete mails on server

Thunderbird portable 3.1.6 on Win 7 Ultimate.

Till now it worked well for me. But today a tragedy happened...

Here's the thing. My business mailbox just exceeds its quota, so I log in on my browser, and removed all my mails (hundreds of them) in the inbox. After this I checked Thunderbird, and to my surprise, all mails in the inbox disappeared too!!!

My inbox policy is set to "save all the messages" and apparently this mechanism failed somehow.

Could anybody provide a solution to retrieve the mails??? Any suggestion is appreciated!!

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If you are using IMAP, anything you delete on the server will be deleted within your email client as well. IMAP is designed to work that way. So, if you were using IMAP, Thunderbird would login, see that those emails were deleted, and obediently ensure they were removed from its cache (if it were set to cache them, which it may not have been).

Unless you drag the emails/folders our of your IMAP inbox online and into a Local Folders mailstore in Thunderbird.

There is a slim chance they are still in the local cache of Thunderbird though not as individual messages. You could open the mail folders and files themselves with a text editor. They would be in ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile\Mail and ImapMail.

You could also check a backup of your folder done with the PA.c Platform or other backup utility if you have ThunderbirdPortable set to cache emails locally. If you start it up without a net connection, they may still be there.

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