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FastStone Image Viewer

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FastStone Image Viewer

This has gotta be the best image editor that I've come across, an amazingly good, powerful and easy to use piece of software. If I could take this everywhere I go along with my suite of existing portable apps I would be very happy indeed!

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Image Viewer - alternative

I have found that the old version of ACDSee v2.4 can be mounted as a portable and can work (unRegistered) as well. I have a registered copy which I regretfully upgraded to V4 but resorted to the old version when I found it to be too cumbersom.
ACDSee v2.4 acts well as a image viewer and GUI file manager as well. It also supports the descript.ion formats which allow you to add comments to the files.

Cruzing away with a Cruzer1Gb

Cruzing away with a Cruzer1Gb

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Faststone portable

See the link to portable freeware below and search for Faststone, it is already portable. If I remember correctly there is also an option in the full program which creates a portable version for you.

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