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Processing order for files?

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Processing order for files?

When Sync'ing, does Toucan get a list of all the files in a folder and then sort them to decide what order to copy them in? Or does it just do them in whatever order the operating system returns the names in a wildcard search?

The reason I'm asking is that when I'm Syncing folders that have large numbers of files, I note that they copy in kinda-sorta alphabetical order (A-Z), except for the fact that *uppercase* letters are all processed before (come in the sort order prior to) any *lowercase* letters.

For example, the following filenames will process in this order:


It's not a really big deal, but it does make it hard to tell how far along the copy operation is, plus it breaks up files that are supposed to be part of a sequence (like monkey01.txt and Monkey02.txt above).

On Windows systems at least, the sort order of filenames ignores the case of the letters.

If Toucan itself is ordering the files before processing them, could you please make case irrelevant (or at least match the way it's handled on the current operating system)?

If Toucan isn't choosing the file order, however, it's probably not worth the effort to make it "force" a file order during processing.


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isn't doing any ordering itself, they are just pushed to a list in the order it gets from the API. I will add it to the list of things to change in 3.1 as it shouldn't take long, but I can't promise it will make the cut. Thanks for the suggestion Smile

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