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AndreaMosaic Portable

There is already a portable version, but I needed to move some stuff around to get it to work right. There are 4 different ways(parts) of the app you can make mosaics with.

Make a Photographic Mosaic from tile collections(images on a PC)

AndreaMosaic 3.32.17 Beta Portable Version

I guess it's freeware... Might be open source. One would have to ask Andrea.

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Altering the software isn't alowed

You are not alowed to make it portable.

It is some sort of freeware but with additional limitations.

7. DISTRIBUTION. You are authorized to distribute any part of this software to anyone, but you are NOT authorized to sell this application (contact the author to obtain a written permission). Redistributions must reproduce all the copyright notice, this list of conditions and the disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. You are NOT authorized to distribute a modified version of this software to anyone.

Maybe you want to tell the author of the software about
Maybe she wants do develop the software portable by herself in future ... Smile

People, please do your homework before requesting a portable app!
This includes checking the licensing.
See also:

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Online Install

That's where the launchers that download and install the app itself come in I believe...

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I'll do it.

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