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Xrick Portable Dev Test 1

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Xrick Portable Dev Test 1

Application: Xrick
Category: Games
Description: Xrick is a game similar to Super Mario Brothers, where you have to defeat each level to advance Launcher: This portable app was made using the Launcher

Download Xrick Portable Development Test 1
1.9 MB Download, 1.9 MB Installed.
MD5: 99082ebda8ff5daa07f463b491a15f0c

Release Notes
December 21, 2010: Initial Release

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Wow I really like that! I

Wow I really like that! I played RickDangerous for weeks on my Amiga decades ago. To have this gem in my pocket is just terrific. Wwooaaaahh! Wink

Reghot was clean btw.
Thanks a lot,

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