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WhatPulse Portable 1.7 Development Test 1

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WhatPulse Portable 1.7 Development Test 1

Application: WhatPulse
Category: Utilities
Description: from website: WhatPulse is a key counting program which monitors the number of keystrokes and mouseclicks, and more recently the distance the mouse moves, that a user makes over a period of time.

This is my first "" project. Let me know if it works for you or any tips. Thanks!

Download WhatPulse Portable 1.7 Development Test 1 [0.8 MB download / 3.0MB installed]
(MD5: a94e91ef91d8eeea9cd74ba43b1d52a7)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2011-01-19): Initial release

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Works fine for me. This looks

Works fine for me. This looks really cool! Anyone up for a PortableApps team? Biggrin

But there’s no sense crying over every mistake,
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

Pestario (not verified)
PortableApps team

Haha that would be nice. I just created the team. users and developers, unite!

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I want in!

Pestario (not verified)
It's open for everyone

There is no password needed or anything to join the PortableApps team. Just navigate to and enter "PortableApps" (without quotes) and join!

Jacob Mastel
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A few issues

Your description in appinfo.ini doesn't make a lot of sense. A more condensed version of your above description would be better.

There's no need for two screenshots. In the case of GIMP and we've used a hybrid.

It's set to run on startup. Make sure that's changed by default otherwise we're leaving a mess on the computers.

In Settings 2 there's an option to check run from portable device. Will using that setting be of any use?

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Pestario (not verified)
Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Jacob,

Thanks alot for your feedback.
I'll update the description in the appinfo.ini with the next Dev Test release.
What do you mean with two screenshots, the only images that come with the package are icons and the splash, right?
I know that WhatPulse is default set to startup with Windows, so for the first release I made it in a way that the registry key value gets deleted when the application gets closed. I'm sure there is a way to unset this default setting but I haven't figured out how yet (this is my first package).

I have been looking what the provided "run from portable device" setting does in tab Settings 2, but the only thing that came up with Regshot was that it creates 1 .txt file in the application root folder (App\WhatPulse) called portable.txt which only contains: "yes!". But it actually still saves everything to the registry even with this settings turned on, that was the main reason I started to package WhatPulse in a format Smile

Jacob Mastel
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You should have a setup of default settings in App\DefaultData. That way you can make sure that when it doesn't find it's own settings you have your predefined ones. (PAL will auto move those to Data when Data isn't found). Just setup DefaultData just like you would Data.

If you run your application you first get the devtest splash, then the application splash shows. I would also recommend removing that from the settings file.

In the .reg file set the following as below:


PAL can do this on every run with [FileWrite] just to make sure they get set back to normal in case the user messes with it.

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Pestario (not verified)
A little more help please

Thanks for all the tips and feedback you are giving.

This might sound very lazy or "noobish" but I have been trying to find out how to do this correctly a few hours a day since your post and can't figure it out. Could you or someone else please post the correct launcher.ini code to achieve what Jacob mentioned above this comment? Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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