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Sunbird not starting

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Sunbird not starting

Greetings all.
First of all thanks for making Portable Sunbird, I think it's an absolute gem of a piece of software. Now I can take my calendar everywhere in a format that's easy to use!

However, I have recently been having problems with Portable Sunbird. After launching the software the process starts, but no application windows are visible at all. I have tried leaving the process running for up to 15m but still nothing.

I am running Portable Sunbird and Portable Firefox from a 64Mb Intelligent Stick on a USB 2.0 port. The Firefox works fine every time, but Sunbird often refuses to open in this manner.

Does anyone have the same problem and know how it can be resolved?


John T. Haller
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Extension of corrupt profile

That's usually indicative of an old-style extension being installed or a corrupted profile.

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Ryan McCue
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Try Mozilla Calendar

a extension for Fx or Tb
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