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So, I was thinking, "Application Menus" is quite a small list. What if Appetizer were made official? I think it would be a nice addition to the family, don't you Smile ?

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Appetizer 'Add-on'

I've been using this 'utility' within my PortableApps folder since soon after its launch and have had no problems with it. For me the main advantage has been that, in a very simple way, it has provided the missing program categories feature that people seem to have been banging on about for what seems like an eternity.

It's still the only Dock Application that I'm aware of that provides program categories within a 'free' edition, and it can be particularly useful when running PortableApps from the C:Drive as it allows for the creation of a combined Dock menu for both installed and portable applications.

Yes, I'm a bit surprised that no-one has attempted to create a PortableApps format version but, if categories do put in their promised appearance in the next (beta)Platform release, its time may well now be past (unless there is some hidden demand for an alternative Dock menu).


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We're platform-centric now, so we'd really only accept something designed to work with the PA.c Platform and complement it. We're not really interested in having people use something instead of it (since you lose backup, the updater, etc and become harder to support). It's fine if people want to, though, as we don't plan to artificially tie our apps to the platform.

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