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Wish List

Wish List:
1. Portable Make Human:
2. Portable Sweet Home 3D:
3. Portable Google Maps
4. Portable Virtual Machine
5. Portable Hydrogen:
6. Portable Wink:
7. Portable AutoCAD file reader
8. Portable TOR

If you have these portable apps, you're cool!

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wish lists are not well liked

almost all your requests have been requested one time or another. please use the search function.

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some can be

google maps, well on my side, this just appears in any current browser, so not sure waht to make portable here.

virtualmachine, well search for virtual box or just go to and get version which suits you

portable tor: get it from, it is poratable

AutoCAD: well it depends on which file format from autocad dwg or dxf or ?

Otto Sykora
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Wish List

You've already had a couple of responses, but in response to two of your 'wishes' that others haven't already mentioned:

MakeHuman 1.0 is described as an Alpha release; and the Windows build of Hydrogen is described as "experimental", so I don't think they will stir too much interest here (yet).



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Experimental Hydrogen, Build or Installer?

It's difficult to tell from the Hydrogen site if the Windows Build is experimental, or if it's the Windows Installer that's experimental.
(it says "Windows Installer (experimental)", but there's no windows download without the installer; it's hard to say what they mean)

If it's just the Installer that's experimental then why would care? we would be using our own installer (and launcher) anyway, however, it may be as mjashby said that the build itself is experimental, in which case it would not be able to become an official app until they got out a "Stable" Windows Build.


John T. Haller
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Hydrogen on Windows is an unstable (and unsupported) development build and unsuitable for wider distribution.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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I haven't tried it, I just couldn't tell from the website whether it was just the installer, or the whole Windows build.


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