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VLC: Direct play from flash disk to LCD TV ?

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VLC: Direct play from flash disk to LCD TV ?

Dear all
Recently I've bought LCD TV with available USB ports (Sony BRAVIA BX300), my question is : can I play movie (especially .mkv format) directly from USB flash drive (preinstalled with VLC Portable)? So it makes my USB flash drive have similiar function with multi media player such as Western Digital TV ?

Thank you

Chris Morgan
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Not relevant - VLC can't run

This isn't relevant to us here; it doesn't run Windows (I presume) so VLC can't run on it.

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About VLC portable

So if portable VLC can't play direct to LCD from (portable hard-drive. why name it as portable VLC??
Why don't we just call as normal VLC player ?
I realy want to hear from your feed back.

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vlc portable

Like the normal VLC, the portable version needs a windows operating system to run. Its portable in the sense that it can run on any supported windows PC without leaving anything personal behind.

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