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Quickstarter available?

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Quickstarter available?

Hi there!

In my work I need to change offices often since I am replacing many secretaries in a big organisation and I use + dropbox to sinc all my files and application from a computer to the other. The system works perfectly, thanks for the great work.
I use libreoffice, but since I need to multitask, I close and open applications constantly, and the booting time is slow with libreoffice, I was wondering...

LIBREOFFICE COMES WITH A QUICKSTARTER when is installed normally on a computer. Is there a way, like a .exe or .bat shortcut to activate the quickstarter? I would put it as "start automatically" in the portable apps launcher! Smile


From the libreoffice documentation ->
Using the Quickstarter under Windows
The Quickstarter is an icon that is placed in the Windows system tray during system startup. It
indicates that LibreOffice has been loaded and is ready to use. (The Quickstarter loads library
*.DLL files required by LibreOffice, shortening the startup time for LibreOffice components). If the
Quickstarter is disabled, see “Reactivating the Quickstarter” if you want to enable it.

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Not Included

The quickstarter is removed because its primary purpose is to autostart with Windows. You can approximate its functionality but just being sure to leave an empty document open in LibreOffice Portable. It will use about as much memory.

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Joined: 2011-02-23 16:47 try downloading try downloading LibreOffice Portable, and the regular version of LibreOffice. Replace the portable system files with the regular version system files. It worked fine with OpenOffice, and the quickstarter worked portably.

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Which files exactly should we

Which files exactly should we change?

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