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http for thunderbird

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http for thunderbird

Email services such as netscape and hotmail are not able to be used for portable thunderbird but it is possible to check hotmail on outlook. I would like to see PTB with the ability to check http email.

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bad place to request things

bad place to request things like those
look for proper thunderbird extensions, for example here:

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John T. Haller
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Webmail Extension

It's for Thunderbird 1.0.6 and 1.5... not 1.0.7 due to a bug in TB. The extensions for 1.0.6 are on their site. See here:

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Rob Loach
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I think FreePOPs is what you're looking for. It lets you retrieve webmail like GMail/Hotmail/Yahoo/etc through a POP3 interface on your local machine. It can also be run from a USB key so you're good to go. I use it to allow me to get my hotmail stuff through Portable Thunderbird. Works perfectly.

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Ryan McCue
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Hotmail Popper

For my Hotmail I use Hotmail Popper. May be portable, don't know.
I'm thinking about getting Webmail extension as it's portable.
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Check out these extensions

I use extensions: webmail 0.8.1 & webmail-hotmail 0.9.0

Check it out:

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