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performance inprovement

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performance inprovement

Just exposing an idea! What if a little like U3 drive the menuapp program would
transfer, not all the apps. but some of the slower ones to run on the usb , to
a temporary folder on the host pc. Of course a single compress archive of a program
folder is what is the fastest to copy back and forth.if we get a custom eject feature
that could trigger the copy back/update to the usb drive and a clean up utility to erease any trace.For my case firefox and thunderbird are the ones I would like to start faster.

And it would be nice to bundle it up with an autorun utility that can be install anywhere, I use APO usb autorun and I can install it even on some system with user restriction privilege.

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U3 doesn't do that

Actually, U3 doesn't really do that. It's up to the individual applications whether they copy locally or not. And copying locally breaks certain things (like auto-updates in Firefox and Thunderbird) which is why none of the U3 apps I did copy themselves locally. Not to mention the fact that the startup time is greater with the copying locally approach (a *LOT* greater with an app like And there's greater privacy risk as you're leaving more bits behind (unless you securely delete, which does not happen and would slow down shutdown a lot). Overall, copying locally isn't a good approach.

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