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Vmware viclient

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Vmware viclient

Hi there,

As i'm often using different machines, I see great potential in having the VmWare Viclient as a Portable App.


/ Denbert

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Being from VMware, it is probably closed-source (except VMware Zimbra, maybe) and therefore cannot be done, but can you provide a link to a description of the software in question, what type of licensing it is under, and a little bit about what it does.

Are you mean VMware Vi Client?

I'm tired of people living in their fantasy world when the clock is ticking away, and when they are unable to see reality for what it is.

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View Client v4.6

I think he means Vmware's "View Client" (now V4.6). This is similar to RDP\ Citrix in that the PC (or should I say PortableApp USB stick Wink would run View Client v4.6 which would form a https\ PCoIP tunnel back to a VMware Security Server, this in turn would connect the user to his virtual desktop. The server does all the work, the View Client draws the screen on the local PC.

I think this would be a very good app to include for PortableApps and quite possibly solve an issue bugging the VMware community as they have to keep making Linux boot CD to achieve the same affect ^___^

Regards, Paul

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VMWare VSphere

I believe they thinapped VSphere 4.1 client. I have it downloaded somewhere but haven't had the chance to test it since my home installation of esxi is on a box that doesn't support it... and fails miserably at it. I might be misreading something but if it's only supplying my VMs with 50mhz in CPU processing power I'm pretty sure that explains why I can't get an XP VM installed.

Anyways, with the thinapped VSphere you'll be able to access your home esxi hyperviser server. It's fun to play with, and VMWare does offer free licenses for personal use.

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