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WMP plugin

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WMP plugin

hello form 3.6.14 all portable version have problem in plug-in
especially on windows media
in fact we have the last wmp on pc
11 for win xp and 12 for win 7
if we make installation of firefox the original it work perfectly

but all portable version have problem they use media player 7 !!! that not exist on pc

and when we want to listen to radio they make a lot of time to open not like the original version or like old portable version

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Installing the WMP plugin

I just figured this out. First, you install the WMP plugin for the regular Firefox. I found that at Then you can find in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins a file called np-mswmp.dll.

If you don't have that (I did), there's a site that says it ends up in "C:\PFiles\Plugins". Again, look for a file called "np-mswmp.dll.

From there, you should copy that file into C:\Users\Ben\Desktop\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins.

Let me know if it doesn't work... I copied a bit of other stuff around but I don't think the other stuff is relevant.

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