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Hi, I'm really glad to see an OSS replacement for pstart, but I can't seem to find the source for PortableApps Menu on the site or on sourceforge. Where can I get it? Also, the url in the readme does not link to a working page.


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wait for it to be released

wait for it to be released soon

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OSI certified?

I guess they're giving out OSI certification to closed-source projects now Blum
The community doesn't care if the source is rough, just get it out here. Don't get me wrong though, I really like PortableApps, keep it up.

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What he means is

John already uploaded it once but SourceForge borked the upload. He will be uploading it again soon.
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Hi guys

I might have missed it while browsing and searching this page. But is the source ready for download yet ? Or do i still have to wait ?


I found the source already. go to

I read in an other post you should click the sourgeforce button near the download details.

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All I see is the source for the other apps, not the apps menu source
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Any news?

are there any news about the source?
Some of us may help bugfixing or translating the Menue.

But there is a real legal problem for everyone who distributes the PortableApps Suite, even if this at no charge. GPL requires to distribute the source as well (or at least to offer the option to get the source). This is a sad situation for this great App Suite.

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Still Waiting!

We are still waiting for the code...

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