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PStart Icons Not Displaying

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PStart Icons Not Displaying

Hello everyone. I am having some trouble with all icons in PStart that are not embedded into the .exe. Every linked icon shows up with the generic icon that Windows uses when it doesn't know what program to use to open a file. This all started after I installed Nero 7. After I installed Nero 7, the icons showed up as Nero PhotoSnap files. I uninstalled Nero, (using the uninstaller from the website, which is supposed to remove all traces of nero) and now they are just the generic Windows icons. This is just on my work computer, I have tried my flash drive on several other machines here and at home, and they display correctly. Anyone else have this problem too, or have any idea of how to fix it?

Rob Loach
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Other Icons

Do the other icons display properly? To my knowledge, Nero isn't portable...

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Steve Lamerton
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I think I see the problem. I

I think I see the problem. I think it is that Nero takes all of the file associations and changes them to launch itself, therefor all of the photo icons changed to Nero.

Bruce Pascoe
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Nero is NOT portable, but...

This isn't what he meant. He meant that after he installed Nero locally, all the icons in his PStart menu became Nero PhotoSnap icons. Then, after uninstalling Nero, all the icons in his PStart menu became generic Windows icons.

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