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Minecraft Portable

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Minecraft Portable

Why not play Minecraft on your memory stick?!

Download version 0.1:


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why not

follow the rules for posting beta?

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Check with other Devs on this

Please check with other Devs for a project like this. Your launcher has a MS-DOS prompt that pops up briefly, which is annoying at best... HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE at worst. is one that I've been running so far with minimal issues.

Granted you have to replace the launcher at ~\PortableApps\MinecraftPortable\App\Minecraft\Minecraft.jar with the latest version at (It's marked for Linux, but as it's all java, it still works) to manually update it, but it's the best I've tested out so far.

Finally, when make such a release... make sure you include a note that you need to buy the game before you can use this, just to cover any liability to yourself (we don't want to promote software piracy, do we?).

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