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TB 5 update trouble

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TB 5 update trouble

Hello, i have read that the last Thunderbird Portable 5.0 beta 1 could be updated from PortableApps platform 2.0 beta5.

Now i have Thunderbird Portable 3.1.10 on the PortableApps platform 2.0 beta5 but if i click on "manage apps" and then "check for updates" the program say "your portable apps are up to date".

So i cant be able to update Thunderbird on my platform.. there's a bug or i miss something? any advice to solve this issue?

Thank you very much in advance Smile

John T. Haller
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Beta Users

Thunderbird Alpha/Beta users can update automatically in the Platform 2.0 Beta 5 by clicking 'Check for Updates'.

We don't push it out to stable users as stable users shouldn't be getting beta software. It's basically a separate app (ThunderbirdPortableTest instead of ThunderbirdPortable). So, if you have the previously published Miramar, Portable Edition Alpha (Miramar is Mozilla's naming for this Thunderbird release), you'd get updated to Thunderbird 5 Beta 1.

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