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Portable Apps Menu

I use other programs apart from the ones hosted on this site. Although they are not truly portable, on the whole they seem to run okay when installed onto my USB drive.

I would like to add shortcuts to these programs to the Portable Apps Menu - rather than navigating to the application folder using explorer, and then clicking on the .exe file.

What do you think?



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If you put all your

If you put all your applications in a folder called portableapps on the root of the drive, then put the menu software in a folder called portableappsmenu inside that folder, then open it they will all come up.

My flash drive comes up on B:\ so I would have

B:\portableapps has all my software, some in folders, some not.
B:\portableapps\portableappsmenu has the menu.

It is because the menu automatically finds the exe files, so it needs to know where to look. Quite neat when you think about it!

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By golly, you're right! This is good news! Thanks, Rich!!!


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I am not completely

I am not completely satisfied with the answer provided.

The problem:
I have an application that runs perfectly from USB.
But when I put it in the directory structure of Portable Apps Suite, I do not only see the icon of the proggy, but icons of all executables in the directory.

What I already tried:
I made a startup .exe (from .bat) and put that .exe under ".\Portable Apps\name of application" and the application itself under subdirectory "\App".
This works perfectly when I directly double click the .exe, but not when I click it from the Apps Suite menu.
The .bat only contains a DOS command: .\App\application.exe
So I assume the path is altered, but how?


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Coming Soon

John has already said that you'll be able to select which .exe files you want listed in a future release (I think he said about 3 weeks), but for now it can't be done.

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Good news

Great if it is possible to select the exe File in Future ... coz I have a similar Problem with more .exe files in the Program directory.

In Addition it would be great if a new Version of PortableAppsMenu would have a "Safe
remove" Button for the USB-Stick and if it would be possible to change the order of the Programs in Menu. It would be also great to be able to make sub-directories (inside the menu strukture).



just deleted U3 ... now Using PortableAppsMenu and Various Portable-Tools Smile

John T. Haller
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Grab the beta

The current suite release uses a working directory of the PortableAppsMenu directory. The 1.0.2 Beta 2 release (check the Beta Forum) sets a working directory of where every app is to play nicer with apps that aren't really as portable as they should be (like the one you mentioned).

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Does this beta avail let you set apps to autorun? ex RoboForm?


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