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About Google Chrome 9.0.597.67

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About Google Chrome 9.0.597.67

Not working see the photo for the error

On the main page say Google Chrome 9.0.597.67 but when downloading GoogleChromePortable_8.0.552.237_online.paf different version

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9.0 is a beta. 8.0 is stable. 9.0 is here:

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Google Chrome Incognito

I'm running Google Chrome on my Portable Apps thumbdrive and would like to run in Incognito mode from the start. Usually this means just adding -incognito to the path of the shortcut in the start menu, but I can't find any way to edit that path with my Portable Apps. Any ideas? Thanks.

Jacob Mastel
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ini file

In other\source there is an ini file. Copy that to the root of the Chrome folder and add -incogneto as an additional parameter.

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Chrome Installation

The installation is must online first right? Why not pack from the offline installer from Google?

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Need offline installer for Chrome portable

I just went through the whole rigmarole with my company to get permission for us to access the PortableApps site through the corporate firewall. However, the installer for Chrome is blocked when it tries to download files. Can't we get an offline version of this? The app may be portable but the installation isn't.

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Download this to the same folder as the installer, where X.Y is the last two numbers of the Chromium Google Chrome Portable version (e.g. 10.0.648.45a -> 648.45).

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