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Will the platform be added to SF Mercurial?

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Will the platform be added to SF Mercurial?

Currently, the PortableApps SF Mercurial repository contains:
- Development Toolkit
- Installer
- Launcher
- Toucan
I would love to see the flagship app, the PortableApps Platform, added to this.

John T. Haller
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At Some Point

Though I may not work off of it as I hate Mercurial. I'd rather just make backup copies when I make major changes than deal with all the extra work to keep it properly updated. I also hate CVS and SVN, so it's not a preference thing. They're just all a clusterf*ck of unnecessary complexity to me. It's just that I can't seem to get any source management software to perform even close to acceptably on Windows.

All those other bits you mentioned are being worked on running on Linux using the Linux source management tools, which all work better. Except for the installer, which I rely on Chris to update after I make changes to it.

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I have no preference for one tool over another

What interests me is seeing the code of the interim builds. Do you have any way of providing the code of your recent builds? I'm assuming that there has been a lot of work done since 2.0b5, therefore a lot of new code.
While I don't have Delphi, I'm interested in trying to port it to Lazarus, even if it's not 100% successful. I'd also like to get the jump on updating my PAM Theme Builder, but since I don't have any idea what the new code regarding themes is, I don't want to waste time working on features that won't be compatible with the new release.

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I use the command-line utility hg directly, whichever platform I'm working on. But I'm that sort of a person. There's also TortoiseHg, though, which is good. And it is worth using a version control system. I also happen to hate CVS and aren't all that fond of SVN, but I do like Mercurial.

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Since I started using a

Since I started using a version control and committing data using the Tortoise easy to use windows shell it's been a blast. Compare changes, look where any bugs sneaked in and a short note at the commit what has been done make a coder's life much easier. It's also easy to branch and merge and most importantly, it allows more that one coder work on a project. (and yes I used TortoiseCVS as well as TortoiseSVN)

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