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Localization Part 1 (Discussion)

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John T. Haller
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Localization Part 1 (Discussion)

This topic is for discussion of localization part 1, explained here:

Any suggestions, comments, etc, are appreciated.


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A Multi-Language Launcher or Many Localized Launchers

i'm interested in what kind of method are you going to localize the launcher?

A Multi-Language Launcher?
A launcher contains many languages and would select the right language by detecting the setting of Windows.

Or many localized launchers?
Many launchers contain only a language for each one. And everyone can download their own localize version.


Ryan McCue
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Well, personally I would have the launcher which if detecting Language.ini, would read the values and use them, if not would just use the English set, which would be hardcoded into it.
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I agree

I agree with you.

And I suggest a common location, just to avoid to fill the portable device with as many langue files as applications.
That would imply a common folder like the PortableApps folder itself or the PortableAppsMenu folder...

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Hi Everybody


I'm Brazilian and I am want to make a transalation to Portuguese Brazil.
Who can help me with the translations??? As I do for be able to help you with the translation for Brazil?

Please, send me a e-mail who can help me:

Brazilian Greetings!!!

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Croatian Firefox.

I already have Croatian translation of Firefox and works great with Portable FF.
This translation is mine but not yet publish on Firefox translations page.
It is very complicated to publish it so for now you can download translation from my site.

Programs on Croatian language. See

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Suggestion for Italian translation


I don't know if there are other Italian PortableApp poster (or PortableApp poster with Italian knowledge), but I need a suggestion about the Italian translation.

Usually, what you can say in English in 3 words, requires many words in Italian. In Italian there is not an equivalent of "it", every noun is either male or female and in some cases the verb changes according the "sex" of the noun.

Since a computer program has not a sex, rules of the language suggest you to use impersonal form, which usually requires convoluted passive forms. So in the common parlance, Italians give "unofficial sex" to things to be shorter.

So my question is: is better stick to the rules or give a sex to PortableApps? Wink


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Italian translation

I'm an italian (disgrace), I've work most of my life outside Italy; if you wish to translate (unfortunately haven't the material time myself) consider that most of the "computer expert " over here have a fair to strong base of english language. Therefore I have a question that so far haven't obtain an answer: why here everyone is still using Mr.Dinosaur (MS) with its burdening applications?? No answer obtained yet. Therefore while translating don't forget that your audience will be traditionaly sticked in the past looking for the future.Anyway keep in mind that there is yearly more and more way of speaking that are going similar to the american or british english, to me it look better to give a sex,instead as the rules, to PortableApps.

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Programs on Croatian

Programs on Croatian language. See

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