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Feature request: pop-up tool tip

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Feature request: pop-up tool tip

I have a lot of apps installed in the Platform, and love it. Problem is, that for apps I use rarely, I can't always remember from the cryptic names what they do. It would be helpful to have a pop-up tooltip describing the applications functions briefly when I hover over the app name. Preferably it would be customizable also. Thanks.

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Limited tooltips already exist

If you hover over an app, there is a tooltip that displays info from the appinfo.ini file.
You get
Name and Version (from [Details]Name and [Version]DisplayVersion)
Publisher (from [Details]Publisher)
File Path (from the root path to the app folder and [Control]Start)

Since the appinfo.ini file contains a value [Details]Description , it should be fairly straightforward for the devs to pull that info. I think one of the objections to this is that the [Details]Description value is often quite long, which would make for a big tooltip.

One could argue that the File Path is no longer necessary in the tooltip, since you can right-click and ExploreHere directly to it.
Any of these changes, if they occur, would need to be added into a future release.

In the meantime, you can use Categories and Rename to help you organize and identify.apps.

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+1 / feature request

Is there any way that the current tooltip could display the app description from the Appinfo file instead of the publisher's information? It would be a bonus if that could be overridden/ customizable in a similar fashion to the how the "rename app" functions in the platform. I always hate to ask for something more considering how much work it takes to code the platform, however it could be a beneficial addition as the list of available apps continues to grow. Thanks for your hard work John, it is appreciated!

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+1 Please, get rid of the

+1 Please, get rid of the location from the tool tip it is meaningless and have Explore Here instead.

(I asked for this before)


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The location is not useless.

The location is not useless. It can provide useful information to differentiate between apps with the same display name, or more likely to check the path quickly without needing to open the directory (which can be slow).

There is an "Explore here" item in the app item context menu.

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Yes. Maybe it is that


Maybe it is that "Explore Here" is more useful because location does not help the user in terms of installing new (or upgrading) software.

Hopefully this will be fixed by the time the beta is gold.

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I had the same request.

I had the same request. Hopefully someone will listen.

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I have posted the same request before too

I am in the age group which is starting to forget things and would love to be able to add my own reminders to infrequently used apps.

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Add my vote for tooltips

The latest Pre-Release 3 is FANTASTIC! Tooltips are the only thing I can think of to make it better.

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+1 for an additional summary field which describes the apps core functions in a single paragraph.

I use dropbox so in future will probably just tick every box for every app.

The categories are useful to get you near, but an additional tooltip summary of the app would just ice the cake and you would be able to find an app to do what you want without knowing which app does it beforehand!

+1+1+1+1 so easy to add....... even an option to enable the details field in the tooltip would be a great start.

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Please I also need these pop-up describing the Portable App Directory program description!!!!

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