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How do I restart FF6 Portable? Add-ons problem

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How do I restart FF6 Portable? Add-ons problem

As it says above, I have FF6 Portable. Mostly it works just fine, in face, I use it regardless of other browsers available to me. I have never before had any problem with FireFox Portable and I only have one problem with 6.

When I start Firefox, my Persona loads and the connection works fine. But, none of my add-ons work. They're all enabled and in fact, this is the weird part. If I install a new add-on, and accept the prompt to restart Firefox, my add-ons will then load fine and continue to work as expected.

I need to know if there's another way to restart FF6 besides installing another add-on. I heard some people who have problems can just close and re-open Firefox but that is not doing anything for me. I have to install a new add-on or mine won't start up no matter what I try.

I realize that FF6 is new and I'm not asking for some huge technical thing to be done. I just want to know if there's something like a "restart button" or another fix I can use.

Thanks much Smile

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where installed?

Can you tell where did you install the portable FF and how are you starting it in first place?

Are you using something like dropbox container to hold it?

If portable firefox is installed the usual way, extensions can be installed, then either simply closing it and opening will work, or the restart button after addon install will do the same.

If Firefox portable is moved to other path, then extension list is till there but many of them need kind of reinstall, that means just make update of extensions.

However, there can be some problems with some extensions which want update itself before starting the updated ff and can not do this due to probably some bug in one extension.
I have experienced some extensions can not install over usb (will therefore not install on an usb stick) and will crash the main app or loop somewhere for ever.

What extensions do you have?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Firefox Portable is installed in my Tor Folder on my USB drive, that way I always have a personal browser with me and it's right next to my Tor startup. I have to start Tor before starting Firefox or it will say "The proxy server is refusing connections" and I can't use the net at all [can't remember the default proxy settings :(].

I don't know what a dropbox is, so I'm assuming the answer to that is no.

A restart after installing a new add-on does work, but closing and opening it doesn't. Since I updated Firefox, a couple of my add-ons aren't compatible but I expected that. The rest of my add-ons don't have available updates.

The add-ons I have are [it's a long list I'm warning you now]:

Adblock Plus 1.3.9 1.0
Beef Taco (Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-out) 1.3.6
Better Privacy 1.67
BitDefender Quickscan
Click & Clean
Csfire 1.0.1
Disconnect 1.0.1
DownThemAll 2.0.7
Feed Sidebar 5.1.2
Force-TLS 3.0.0
FoxyProxy Standard 3.1.2
GreaseMonkey 0.9.8
HTML5 XMLA Bridge 0.2.0
ImTranslator 4.4
KillJasmin 2.4
Master Password+ 1.16.1
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 0.0.0
Panic Button 1.1.6
Redirect Remover 2.6.4
RequestPolicy 0.5.22
TorButton 1.4.1
User Agent Switcher 0.7.3
YouTube to MP3 1.2.3

AlertCheck 1.1 Disabled---incompatible with 6.0.1
DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 Disabled---incompatible
Internet Video Downloader Disabled---incompatible
murdochalert 0.2 Disabled---incompatible
NoScript Disabled----incompatible

Firefox is set to update add-ons automatically but if I check for updates it tells me that all my add-ons are up-to-date already. Also, my Firefox doesn't display Mozilla sites correctly anymore, for instance if I go to any Mozilla or Firefox site all it shows are links and a white background. I can still go to Google and Facebook and a lot of other sites though so I have no idea what that's about.
I can't play any Flash games either [though I suspect there's already an add-on for that and will search when I can]. Am hoping to work that out painlessly.

Thank you for your reply, let me know if you need any more information.

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this is big confusion

So you are using the standard firefox from this site to operate it via TOR?
Which proxy do you use? Polipo or Privoxy?

How do you start TOR? With the Vidalia or otherwise?

Did you try something like to replace the TOR Browser in the TOR bundle with the firefox from this site?
If this is the case, then I can just tell you should not do that.

But if you did, the aim of TOR is to at least the browser communication to be somehow safe.

You have plenty of addons, they may be the actual problem.

Tor browser is designed so, that all possible addons are disabled at start up, so they can not initiate any communication any bypass the proxy.
It is absolutely no go to use flash or similar things when running TOR. By that your TOR connection is completely useless, you are better doing without it.

In general, when you want have firefox running via tor, then use the bundle as it is. One can replace the browser by a recent version from this site, but lot of special settings might not apply to it and this can result in situation you are in now.
The bundle will modify the browser in a way to stop many addons operating, it will block many addons which are potentially 'dangerous' to the TOR encrypted communication. If you start bypassing the security features start up, you should not run TOR at all.

As you are trying to play some flash games and run TOR at the same time, it seems that you are trying to do some impossible experiments.

Many other addons you have been trying to install are either not operating under TOR or breaking the TOR communication.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

John T. Haller
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The copy of Firefox Portable within Tor Browser is an unofficial package and is not supported by Mozilla or It's reconfigured and hacked quite a bit from a standard Firefox configuration and is designed to be used without any add-ons... just the base browser with no flash or extensions.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Okay, well that makes much more sense then. I thought I totally messed up my Firefox or had a bug or something.

Thanks a lot both Smile

I am using Polipo and I start my Tor with Vidalia, if that's useful for future reference at all.

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use bundle if at all

recommend you use the browser delivered with the bundle in such case

It is well possible to replace the browser there, I did so once too, but there are configuration set in the bundled browser which try to take care of the security risks as using some addons etc.

All addons which are likely to need some connection to internet at some time, are absolutely no go for such use. Flash is able to communicate alone with other parts in net and can therefore bypass the polipo. So can many other addons which need to get some updates or infos or other data form net.
You may have your browser set to use the polipo proxy, but this does not mean all software on your computer (e.g. flash) will do the same.
Therefore in the bundle, the use of any flash is blocked by default for example.

You have number of extensions, which depend on external data and we do not know if they use the browser really or some other subsystem for communication.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Tor worked out

Okay, I read all of the comments you posted [Thanks a lot!] and I opened my boyfriend's Firefox and turned off Tor etc etc and sure enough all of my add-ons are working just right Smile Unfortunately, I still have the problem of some sites not displaying correctly [like Facebook and Mozilla] and they only show a white page, blue links, and text fields. No pictures or anything. But other sites, like PortableApps and my e-mail sites, load correctly with pictures and all. Maybe I'll have to remove an Add-on. Will check for updates. Smile

----There are no updates to my Add-ons available, however I decided to try logging into Facebook and once I have logged in, it loads right except still no pictures. I guess it's only the Facebook main page that loads totally wrong.

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tor button

I am still not sure how you did install your copy of firefox in first place.

If you tried to replace the firefox in the tor bundle, then you have to know also , that the extension called torbutton is not only meant to switch on and of the tor, but also reconfigures lot of things in the firefox itself. If the firefox was then somehow not properly closed when in use with tor for example, lot of the temporary 'modifications' could stay around and this might cause those problems.

In you case, fresh install of the firefox portable might solve all.

If you then decide to use tor, install the tor bundle separate and leave it as it is, it will cope with some extensions, but not all. I have also things like spellcheck functions in it, those are ok, but many other thigs should not be installed at all. Those will be any extensions which may be 'calling home' as some of your security or antivirus or addblock etc.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Is the likely cause of your "white background, blue links" syndrome. It's a great security (/privacy) add-on with a bit of a learning curve. The easiest way to deal with it is to disable said add-on. Though, it might be good to learn how to use it. Smile

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