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PA.c platform pre-release 4.1

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PA.c platform pre-release 4.1

L'aggiornamento causa l'intervento del Norton AV che indica il file startportableapps come infetto dal virus Suspicious.S.MLApps. Norton cancella il file e il programma non funziona più

The update causes the intervention of Norton AV, which indicates the file startportableapps as infected by the virus Suspicious.S.MLApps. Norton delete the file and the program no longer works

Gord Caswell
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False Positive

Norton is having issues with false positives at the moment. Please report it to them so they can fix their database. As you can see by this report, Symantec, the makers of Norton AV, have already determined the platform installation to be clean. They just need to update the database for the specific file you noted.

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list grouping

Dear PA.c team,

I'm big fan of portable apps since a long time, and using portable apps with the new PA.c platform makes it much easier, logical, and much better organized. I like it so much! However I don't know why you implemented different grouping of the apps within the 'lunch pad' and even on the 'new apps' screen. In the platform there are only the main groups available with a lots of application each, nothing can be found easily. I'd recommend the same grouping of application platform what you have already on the website, so using subgroups within the main groups. In this way the structure would be much more logical, transparent, and would be much easier to find any apps!

Please consider it!

Yours, Balázs

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