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Updater Error?

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Updater Error?

First I must say how exciting the new platform releases are. So Excited to see so many of the features we have been waiting for in practice!!
However since upgrading, when the portableapps menu starts up I get the following error: "The Updater must be run from the Platform. It will not function properly when run directly."

I have checked my ini to see if it was still being invoked from there (Part of my old way of launching the diff apps I need). But the Updater is only being called by the platform - ie i ticked auto update in the options menu.

Thank you.


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Known bug (see here, first

Known bug (see here, first entry). As a workaround you can only manually update atm.

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THats a bug introduced in version 4.1 that wil be fixed in 4.2 (according to this post). It should disappear if you uncheck the "check for updates on startup"- option.

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