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Syncing Thunderbird with Android

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Syncing Thunderbird with Android


I have an HTC Desire HD smart phone with Google OS.
Unfortunately the HTC Sync software only offers Microsoft Outlook to take the data from.

I want to use Mozilla Thunderbird Portable.
There I can manage my emails and my contacts.
And I want to use the "Lightning" Add-On for Thunderbird (to manage my appointments and my tasks).

The only reason why I am using Outlook is the missing sync support.
No matter what device you buy (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian OS), every device can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.
Most of them do not support Thunderbird and Lightning.

Are there any tools or any tricks that offer synchronization between Thunderbird/Lightning and Android devices?



John T. Haller
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Keep your email in the cloud with IMAP. Then you can access your email with your Android device or Thunderbird Portable.

Keep your contacts and appointments in Google Calendar/Gmail. Then add the Google Contacts and Provider for Google Calendar extensions into Thunderbird Portable (in addition to Lightning of course). Then you can add your Google Calendars to Lightning and setup a link to your Google address book. They will allow you full and proper read/write access to your calendar and contacts synced to Google. This is how I do stuff.

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