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Version 10.0.1 upgrade question.

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Cheeky Kid
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Version 10.0.1 upgrade question.


I am running PortableApps 10.0.1 and have no idea how I upgraded it, I think it was version 2.0 before. Is this an auto upgrade?

When downloading new versions do you have to uninstall PortableApps or install over the existing program on the USB drive?

I do not recall downloading 10.0.1. Strange.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Ken Herbert
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You had to have installed a

You had to have installed a version since 2.0, as 2.0 did not have an internal update feature (this feature was introduced with the 'Next' Pre-Release line, and the auto-update on startup was broken until late in the Pre-Release cycle).

As far as installing apps, they are built to install straight over previous installs, and will not disrupt your settings or data which is kept safe in a separate folder to the app itself.

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