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1st character is a special character

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1st character is a special character

Due to the many apps I have in my Portable Apps List, I search for a particular app by typing the first few characters. Before v10, all the apps with the same first characters appear. Further typing shortens the list until I see the app I want. In the current platform, the first character always starts with a special character. (¬),(HEX 00AC). I have to delete this character and start typing again to give the name of the app I am searching for.

For those that may not know, you can install any standalone program, (Not offered by Portable, under the root directory within its own folder.
Normaly typing the first few characters when PA is viewable, will bring up these apps and execute them.

John T. Haller
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It's a known bug in the current release due to the way it interprets characters when the seach is hidden. Try typing a / first and that should work. This bug will be fixed shortly.

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Not from the numeric pad

FYI, the workaround works only when typing the slash from the typewriter keys, but not when typing it from the numeric pad.

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the 2nd point you addressed

the 2nd point you addressed makes sense to me

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Thanks for the workaround John

I'm used to typing / to search in VIM, so not such a big leap to type it to search an app til you get it fixed. Is there a way to make it launch a specific app in the search results and not just the first one? For example I have Firefox classic, beta, and test all installed and I would like to launch the 2nd or 3rd result in the list instead of typing the whole name, is there additional matching I can use like *2 after the name to launch the second result?

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