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App Comments/Notes

In the Get Apps dialog, there's a little field that shows up called "Description", which says simple things like "file archiver".

Why does this not show up in the main GUI for the apps? Category is good, but nowhere near detailed enough to give each app its own description and explanation.

When looking at apps named GIMP, Fyre, Pidgin, and Toucan, if you aren't already familiar with them, how are you supposed to know what they do?

This is the one thing that I think is necessary to make me consider PortableApps "near flawless", rather then merely "great".

For official apps, the descriptions should be downloaded along with category and the app itself, but it must be a customizable feature so that other apps that are added in can have their own description, just like they can be assigned a category.

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I think a bit more description is planned for a future version in a tooltip-kind-of-way.

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