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Portable Apache+MySQL+PHP

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Anonymous (not verified)
Portable Apache+MySQL+PHP

I would like you to publish make a portable Apache+MySQL+PHP (+Zend Optimizer for php). That would be very interesting for having a website running from a pen drive.

what do you think about it?

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I suggest you to google

I suggest you to google Uni-server or xampp

KoenSi (not verified)
You can already download an

You can already download an USB WEbserver at

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Hello !

Hello !

Try or wich version 1.8 can be instaled on a USB drive.


Rob Loach
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Uniform Server

You might be interested in Uniform Server. It's completely portable and runs PHP along with MySQL and a number of other features.

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]

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apache friends - xampp


xampp lite (

it runs from any root directory of a pen drive, a mobile hdd or a desktop hdd.
i use it from a mobile hdd because of its live time and capacity.

iiidefix -

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