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Rename Drive

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Rename Drive

I can not rename my Drive. I followed these instructions:

To rename your drive, just click on the drive name in the lower left corner of the menu. Type in the name you'd like and click the ">" button or hit enter on your keyboard. You may need to eject and reinsert your drive for the new name to show up in Windows Explorer.

After I type the name and click the ">" button (or hit enter), error message appears: Unable to write to G:\autorun.inf (G = my USB flash drive).
I mention that I have two files in the root drive: Autorun.inf (hidden file that I could not delete with any software, and I can not open), and AUTORUN_.INF, with content:


I know this is not a significant problem, but if you have a suggestion ...
My OS: Windows XP Professional SP3. My USB flash drive: Kingston (2GB which 326 MB free, FAT, USB 2.0).

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Probable corruption

If this is on a regular USB disk, formatted as FAT or FAT32 (that is, not as NTFS with ACLs, where you could potentially hit permissions problems, though I would consider it extremely improbable in the drive root), this probably indicates corruption of the file. I recall some years ago having a friend's USB disk in a similar plight, where a certain directory was stuck, unable to be used and unable to be deleted. In that case, it was possible to rename and move the directory, and so he moved the directory into a subdirectory where he could ignore it. You could try doing something like that and see if it works. If not, it's possible you might need to reformat the disk to fix it (which would be a pain).

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Another Possibility

Your antivirus could be preventing you from modifying the autorun.inf. It was used to propogate viruses back before Microsoft disabled that functionality. Some antiviruses still freak out about it, though. You can also remove the file and then just have a standard drive icon in explorer and rename it within there (may require removing and reinserting).

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A virus or an antivirus

A virus or an antiviruses program may be modified your Autorun.inf. For example, I used Panda USB Vaccine.

The only solution is make a complete backup of everything, format again and restore all files. You would be able to modify autorun.inf again. Based on my experience, it's not a good thing, because viruses would be able to do so too.

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Portableapps Name Change

I found just finding and deleting the autorun.inf (listed in the thumb drive or usb drive) the system/pc puts it back to default i.e Removable Disk K:\ for example.

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