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Multiple Instances: pff 2.0 under Windows

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Multiple Instances: pff 2.0 under Windows

Impossible. ?!

Portable Firefox 2.0 is a stuff-up:

1. None of the ini files are the same
2. Everything's different.
3. You can't run PFF while another instance of firefox is running.

I ask you then: WHAT IS THE POINT?
Why not code a batch file that copies your profile over everytime you run it, on whatever computer, wherever?!

PFF2 should have it's own forum, if it's so different. It is so utterly frustrating to see an application with so much potential so stuffed up due to shortsighted planning. The do-gooders coding it should just all die.

I have one simple requirement: I need to launch as many independent instances of firefox 2 as possible, without any interference between them.

Why is that such a mission?

I bet you I still won't be able to, 2 years from now.

Firefox 2: Take back the web. And then shove it ?!@? where?!

John T. Haller
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1. Calm down. If you can't check the attitude, then you're not welcome here. You're getting this for free.

2. The FirefoxPortable.ini is in EXACTLY the same place as it was before. You place it in the same directory as FirefoxPortable.exe

3. The ini format changed in Firefox Portable to allow for faster startup times. A second INI that you *shouldn't* edit unless you're manually copying in a profile from somewhere else is included in the Data\settings directory. FFP uses it to keep track of where it was run from. If you use an older INI, it'll be ignored.

4. All of this is completely detailed in the instructions on this website, the help.html file in the FirefoxPortable directory and the readme.txt in the FirefoxPortable\Other\FirefoxPortableSource directory (which is linked to from the help.html).

5. Firefox *ITSELF* is made so you can't launch multiple instances without manually setting environment variables. FFP makes this easier via an INI entry. You don't like it, take it up with Mozilla. But the number of people needing to run independent browsers is about 0.0000001% of all users, so there's really no interest.

Perhaps you should look around a bit before launching on some tirade against volunteers who are working on something for you for free.

(Side note: Maybe I should add "no 'I'm entitled to' posts" as a forum guidelines rule.)

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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It is all open-source - so

It is all open-source - so if you aren't happy with it, you are perfectly welcome to change it. That's what other people have in fact done, and that is why it is where it is at today.

If everyone who wanted new features just said everything was crap, a lot of software wouldn't exist.

If you don't know how to change this, or have time, be grateful that other people are at this moment working on new features and changing things.

Don't be an asshole.

I don't know how to code things, and am impressed that OSS has got so far!

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You know

it's people like you that actually hinder development by talking crap like that. John could have been using this time to write extra stuff for PFF but because you can't even be bothered to read the help file he's having to spend his time dealing with this post. And as for the comment that the coders should 'just all die', have you any idea how much time John puts into these apps for FREE. And all he gets are comments like that. It's open source, you can change it, but there is absolutely NO nead for a comment like that, in fact I would like to request a ban for you as in my opinion you just went WAY over the line.


Steve Lamerton

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I'm probably gonna get yelled at for this, but it's FFP not PFF.
(I didn't get an award for English for not correcting people :D)
*steps out of flame*
Ryan McCue
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