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Anyone interested in a FlashBin rewrite?

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Anyone interested in a FlashBin rewrite?

I finally managed to fix my bricked Seagate hard drive the other day, and looking through some backups of my now lost flash drive, I was completely in nostalgia..

Anyway, I came across FlashBin, an AutoItv3 application that I requested in the off topic forums and Eric Pilsits was kind enough to create with enough interest. For those who do not know, FlashBin's purpose was to create a USB Drive specific Recyble Bin. Any files you delete on your flash drive automatically goes to X:\Trash instead.

The question now is, does the same kind of interest remain here? I've got enough knowledge about C++ and MFC to be able to rewrite FlashBin and make it reach its full potential and eliminate problems the original had (ex: couldn't delete with context menu).

Gord Caswell
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yes, caveat.

Yes! I am definitely interested, although I envision this being a rewrite of both flashbin and eraserdrop. Specifically, what I envision is the following: you download the application, and by default it works as you indicated - files are "deleted" to x:\trash. However, in the options, you can choose to erase documents instead. And it then functions how eraserDrop does - it sends those documents to Eraser Portable to be erased instead of kept in the trash bin.

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