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Fish Fillets - NG Portable 1.0 Development Test 1

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Fish Fillets - NG Portable 1.0 Development Test 1

Application: Fish Fillets - Next Generation
Category: Office
Description: Fish Fillets - NG is a 75 Level Action Puzzle Game in which you guide a pair of fish through an increasingly complex seies of logic challenges. Ideal for any battle weary gamers who want a challenging change from their many FPS action games: No one gets killed in this one. Well I tell a lie, the fish do get temporarily squished by falling objects if you make a disastrous move, but there's no blood and gore! - You just get the option of returning to the beginning of the same level so you can try to solve it again.

Download FishFillets-NG Portable 1.0 Development Test 1.paf [ 142.9MB download / 68.9MB - 161.7MB installed]
(MD5: 53b227cf1c8a52e18045b53eae97df01)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2011-04-11):

  • Format 2.0 Compliance validated with PA.c Development Toolkit
  • Sound & Music File installation made optional, resulting in a saving of about 93MB on the full installation.

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thanks for hard work :)

Fish Fillets has been updated to 1.0.1
can you update it? Smile


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