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Cisco VPN

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Cisco VPN

I am hoping some one can tell me either how to make and app portable or if some one has already got this one done?

I am new to the portable apps stuff, but really like it.

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Never Been Answered

I've been with this site from the start and have never once asked a question that previously had been answered; I know how to use the search function. But this question has never been fully answered in any other post - Hamachi and are good substitutes for creating your own VPN system, but not for accessing Cisco systems already in place. So, I'll second the original poster's question:

What potentially portable substitutes are there for Cisco Systems VPN Client?

In the past I was able to proxy through my school to access otherwise hideously expensive websites like Nature, Science, Lexis Nexis, and National Journal. However my school recently eliminated access by proxy and now requires that users install the Cisco Systems VPN Client. Many schools use exactly the same system, customizing the software only in that they use a few different icons, images, and default address. So I'd assume that this question would address a problem that exists for many non educational institutions that also use Cisco's VPN solution.

So, is there an open source substitute for Cisco Systems VPN Client and is there any interest/advice in making it portable?

Thanks in advance to anyone able to help with this!

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VPN client for U3

Same here. I use Cisco VPN to access Exchange for Outlook. C'mon, there's gotta be a way to install a VPN client on a thumb drive so that I can VPN into my office and check my e-mail. Logmein and all of that stuff just won't work for this.

Richard V. Burckhardt

Richard V. Burckhardt

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There is VPNC, but I don't

There is VPNC, but I don't think its been ported to win32. If you're committed you could probably construct a virtual appliance to run under qemu that would get the job done. Easily doable under the vmware player, but the player isn't portable.

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lusid - how would you

lusid - how would you recommend this be done using VMware Player? Would it be something like this? Or is there an easier way as it does seem like a lot of hassle just to run the Cisco VPN client?

1) Create an Windows installation under VMware & configure as normal
2) Install the mail client of your choice
3) Install Cisco VPN software & configure
4) Copy VMware image to thumbdrive
4) Install VMware Player on thumbdrive & configure autorun.ini to launch VMWare Player
5) Optional - put VMware image on TrueCrypt partition on USB stick

BTW, I've just tried installing the Cisco VPN client v4.8.01.0410 on a USB stick, but it writes files & registry keys all over the place (including C drive) so if you then try to use the USB stick on another PC to launch the VPN client, it won't work.

I did try using a registry & file snapshot tool (RegSnap) to see what changes were made by the Cisco VPN installer etc, but the final RegSnap analysis output file was *big* as so many registry keys etc are added, and to be honest, I didn't really know where to start wrt trying to make a portable version of it Sad


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