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Change application name in menu?

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Change application name in menu?

Some apps I have add application to the end of the name of the app.

Like, "Foobar2000 Application" and "Restoration Application"

Is there a way to change this? It just kinda annoys me.

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...this ability will be

...this ability will be added in a future version

John T. Haller
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and it should be noted, that it's the application itself that's providing this name to the menu. Either through the ProductName or FileDescription within the EXE.

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Ryan McCue
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It's those programs at fault, not the Portable Apps Menu.
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If you really find it

If you really find it annoying and can't wait till the next release of PAM, you may be able to use resource hacker. I did it with task manager.
Just google reshack

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