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Royal TS 2.1.0 Portable Development Test 1

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Royal TS 2.1.0 Portable Development Test 1

Application: Royal TS
Category: Utilities
Description: Royal TS provides easy and secure access to your remote systems.

It is the premium management tool for server admins, system engineers and IT focused information workers with integrated support for:
* Remote Desktop Connections
* Hyper-V Console Access
* Terminal Client for SSH and Telnet
* Web Pages for web based consoles
* Credential Management
* Task Automation

Download Royal TS V2.1.0 Development Test 1 [22 MB download / 30 MB installed]

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2012-07-07): Initial release

John T. Haller
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Initial Thoughts

This is a solid app and should make a good addition. I noticed that it is .NET 4.0, so we'll need to wait until the platform supports .NET internally (We're adding the ability for the platform to understand what version of .NET each app requires, check for it, let the user know if it is missing, and - when permitted - download and install it with a couple clicks). We'll be announcing the timeline for that in the next week. On that note, it should have this added to the appinfo.ini:


If it needs the full framework as opposed to just Client Profile, switch it to 4.0F

As to the app itself, I note that it is commercial software but runs without a license. Does that mean it is shareware? Is there an expiration?

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Are there any plans to add this application to the Portable App Directory? I use this app daily and while it can be made "portable" as this blog post of theirs suggests, it's a bit of a pain to upgrade however (install, copy to portable location, uninstall) and would love to see this included.

Also, John, not sure if you found the answer to your question about how the "free" version works, but this was taken from their download page:

Royal TS can be downloaded, installed and used for free without any time limit (no trial expiration!) and without a license key. In this mode, the following restrictions are applied:

  • You cannot have more than 10 connections per Royal TS application instance.
  • You can open only one Royal TS document per application instance.


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