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Sync running VERY slow

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Sync running VERY slow


I'm trying to run a ~80GB sync using Toucan 3.0.4 on Windows 7 (32bit) mirroring from my main drive (NTFS) to a FAT32 external drive, and it's incredibly slow.

I started the job last night around 10pm and now (7:30am next morning) progress bar indicates a job completion rate of some 5-10%. At this moment, Toucan is copying cache files from my Mozilla profiles folder, each weighing in at some 30kB, at a speed of 1 of these per every 10 seconds!

I had Comodo Internet Security running during the night, so I switched it off (as well as Skype, Dropbox, Opera, just to be sure) but to no avail.

I haven't stopped and restarted the job for I'm afraid that I would even loose what has been done so far, so this is why I ask for your help. - Is it the drive formatting? But then, there is no such lag when I copy files there manually.

BTW, Toucan's CPU usage is at a constant rate of about 50%.

Thank you for any suggestions!

Steve Lamerton
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sort of external drive are you using? Small file copies to flash drives are usually very slow for example. However it sounds like there is probably something else at play here, I would suggest trying with the latest pre-release as well.

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