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4K Video Downloader

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4K Video Downloader

I know this is open source, but can it be made portable?

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Extra notes

1) Can't find the source for it, but it is hosted at SourceForge, so it's probably there somewhere. Also, it's free and it is GPL, so permission is not needed off the bat.

2) Anyone tackling this will need to realize it uses Qt, so it probably leaves behind some of the Trolltech registry stuff.

3) It has a "portable" version already, so it shouldn't be too bad to get started on it.

Hope this helps people who are looking at this to package.

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looks good

looks good but what on earth is qt

is it a proggramming language??????

i'm not wierd, i'm just different

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It's a C++ framework that

It's a C++ framework that (almost always) leaves registry junk all over the place.

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