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Version Strategy Advice for 16 Jan 2013

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Version Strategy Advice for 16 Jan 2013

I'm in a pickle with a new USB stick, wondering whether to install 12beta2 or 11 for an elderly computer illiterate. The stick will run overseas on borrowed PCs or at net cafes. Myself, I have never used PortableApps, but am a computer whiz.

First I saw the notice about 12 shipping for the holidays, so I waited. Later I read of Haller's schedule slip from hurricane and health issues which are understandable. So what wisdom have the crowds for me.

The feature I wonder about is file association. It is slotted for 12b3 or later? Is there any clue about the next beta release ETA? Should I wait for it, use 12b2, or use v11?

Thanks very much to John and his team for this wonderful resource.

John T. Haller
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Either should be fine for your elderly friend. There is a small chance that a beta could have an issue preventing a later automatic upgrade, though, so it may be better to stick with stable for someone who is unable to download and install things themselves, if that is a worry.

You're welcome for the software. I'm glad you find it useful.

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Please answer file association.

What I see happening is: "I clicked the file but Windows says it can't open it, what do I do now?"

So I want to learn what PA file association is all about and ETA within beta cycles.

I was also puzzled about some forum or blog about v11 needing two apps for some particular move, whereas v12 only needs one.

Thanks John!

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