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sugg: Exit started apps on eject/exit

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sugg: Exit started apps on eject/exit

This must have been requested before, but given the nature of the apps, this is more neccesary than one might think. Currently, getting all my apps to exit themselves is a nuisance. Every app has to be exited, and worse than that, I have to exit some apps in a specific order (more on that later).

I say if a menu can start apps, it can exit them. And so can Windows, but since I don't shutdown my pc when I leave it (I use hibernation) nothing is closed by Windows automatically.

Specific order I said. Yes, I have a few apps that depend on each other. I need to keep a putty thing open to create a tunnel through which I can pipe my IM and e-mails. I don't want to risk using the local untrustworthy network for very personal stuff. Also, I've got a TrueCrypt container going, and some apps are actually in that.

So for me, the correct order would have to be:
1) Close all apps (except the network tunnel) in the TC container
2) Close all other apps (except the network tunnel)
3) Close the network tunnel
4) Close (and unmount!) TrueCrypt
5) Close
6) Eject if eject was chosen

I realize this cannot be done automatically, but if *finally* supports autostarts (using perhaps some kind of fstab-like list) it should also do the opposite, again with the option of supplying a custom list of apps that indicates the order in which to close them (and of course, wait in between).

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Many of the things you are

Many of the things you are requesting have already been requested by others.

Please take a look at the bug and feature tracker thread at what is already on the list (it is also stickied at the top of the PortableApps Platform sub-forum).

Only problem with what you are requesting here (the shutting down in order thing) is that Windows (especially 7 & 8 ) doesn't really allow enough time to handle apps in any specific order - either they listen to the shutdown command and shut down within a few seconds, or they are forcibly killed.

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