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Symantec isolates files - LO 4 not usable after update

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Symantec isolates files - LO 4 not usable after update

I upgraded to the LO 4 version today. Symantec Endpoint Protection isolates "unopkg.exe" and "unopkg.bin" as "Suspicious.MLApp".
LO does not start.

On my home computer Symantec has not isolated anything, although LO 4 is running there as well.
You may like to contact Symantec...


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VirusTotal Scan Results


FYI, the files (1)"unpkg.exe" and (2)"unopkg.bin" scanned by Virustotal are no longer flagged by Symantec as "Suspicious.MLApp" anymore:







These files were submitted to Symantec for their re-evaluation via


Hope this helps.

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LO 4.0.1 Symantec Endpoint

I never had the problem with 4.0 but I do after updating today to LO 4.0.1
unopkg.bin and unopkg.exe (both suspicious MLApp)got shunted into quarantine.
I have submitted both files to Symantec for re-evaluation via the application.
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Suspicious.Cloud.7.Fdetected in libxml2.dll in LO 4.0.1

When I installed LO 4.0.1 on Windows 7 my Norton Internet Security blocked libxml2.xml because it detected Suspicious.Cloud.7 malware. It also detected Suspicious.MLApp in both unopkg.exe and unopkg.bin as mentioned above.

Now LO won't work at all. I tried both versions (single and multi language)

This just happened last night and this morning. Is there any solution in sight?

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Report it to Norton

The issue is entirely with Norton/Symantec. Their current definitions are broken. It's a false positive. You'll need to keep reporting it to Norton until they fix their bug.

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4.01 work around with Norton

Not perfect, but in Norton you can configure Norton (under the settings menu) to exclude the two files from Auto-Protect, SONAR, and Download Intelligence Protections. Then download and reinstall the file manually. Seems to have worked for me. Meanwhile, report the problem to Norton.

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Ran a full scan of everything in my portableapps and Libre Office was left completely untouched.

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LibreOffice 4.1.2 versus Symantec Endpoint Protection

Just updated my PortableApps including LibreOffice 4.1.2. As always, less than a minute after the update was installed, Symantec Endpoint Protection informed me that it had saved my computer from an infestation of "Suspicious.MLApp".

Fortunately, the PortableApps version of LibreOffice works without those files (unopkg.exe and unopkg.bin). However, it annoys me that Symantec has refused for over a year to deal with this "false positive" problem.

I have reported the incident to Symantec, including the information that this problem has remained unaddressed for at least a year.

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