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filezilla portable version

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filezilla portable version

Just downloaded and starting using the portable version of FileZilla client.
So far great stuff, but today ran into one problem that I researched , found one solution for, but seems not to solve the problem for me.

I have one site that does auto backup , file names as such...
" " .
" site name.random-suffix "

On my old fpt client, I can see all the files, but with FileZilla I can't = can only see the .htaccess file.

I tried the Menu>Server>(checked)Force Showing Hidden Files

Still can't see them.

I enabled the debug as I've seen asked for in past posts asking about the same problem..

from log:

Status: Retrieving directory listing...
Command: CWD /usr/home/sitename/public_html/sitename/wp/wp-content/backups
Response: 250 "/usr/home/sitename/public_html/sitename/wp/wp-content/backups" is new cwd.
Command: PWD
Response: 257 "/usr/home/sitename/public_html/sitename/wp/wp-content/backups" is cwd.
Command: PASV
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (IP,IP,IP,IP,IP,IP)
Command: MLSD
Response: 150 Data connection accepted from IP.IP.IP.IP:49268; transfer starting.
Response: 226 Listing completed.
Listing: Type=cdir;Modify=20130509153253;Perm=elcmpdf;UNIX.mode=0755;UNIX.owner=sitename;UNIX.uid=3509;;UNIX.gid=1000; /usr/home/sitename/public_html/sitename/wp/wp-content/backups
Listing: Type=pdir;Modify=20110908231853;UNIX.mode=0757;UNIX.owner=sitename;UNIX.uid=3509;;UNIX.gid=1000; /usr/home/sitename/public_html/sitename/wp/wp-content
Listing: Type=file;Size=61;Modify=20110626234633;Perm=rwadf;UNIX.mode=0644;UNIX.owner=sitename;UNIX.uid=3509;;UNIX.gid=1000; .htaccess
Status: Directory listing successful
Status: Sending keep-alive command


Ken Herbert
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Possibly an ownership problem

I know that FileZilla won't show you files that are owned by an account different to the one you are logging in with, even if your account is able to access the folders they are in.

I would assume that since the files in question are being automatically created then they may possibly have a different owner.

Try putty-ing in (or use whatever terminal access or web-based file management tool you have) and check to see if the ownership of those files are different to other files you can access.

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Been doing some more testing

Been doing some more testing since I posted request for help, and I did find it's a naming problem with the file.

While my old ftp client using LIST can display all the files, 1/2 of them are "ghost" files , files made due to an error with the naming by the backup app due to a variable.

1/2 the files were real, but incorrectly named, the other 1/2 of the files contained nothing, not even a time/date size attributes.
Seems something went afoul with the naming due to length.
The ghost files were part 2 of the very long name that seemingly still didn't complete the entire name.

Another site using the same backup app, no naming problems, I can see the files after with "Force Showing Hidden Files" checked.

I found the variable that was used to name the files, fixed that, and last night there was another backup, new file created, much shorter name, and I can now see the new file in filezilla.

I like a bunch of things about filezilla, and for me having it has a portable app is icing on the cake.

I had tried one of your other portable ftp clients, it wouldn't show the ghost files, but would show the badly named but good backup file that filezilla wouldn't show.

Thanks for the look and reply, sorry for the false alarm...

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