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Newsgroup settings

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Newsgroup settings

I can't find the answer(I swear I use search) on the two question:

1.How to set up TBP to show full name of subscrbied groups
2.How to set up to show subscribed groups on opening(without clik + )

Many thanks in advance

Assume this in local TB

// Don't abbreviate newsgroup names:
user_pref("mail.server.default.abbreviate", true);

// Remember news server states in folder pane:
user_pref("news.persist_server_open_state_in_folderpane", true);

But where to put in TBP?

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Config Editor / Prefs.js

Actually, it's best to add these in the config editor in ANY copy of TB portable or not. Tools - Options - Advanced - General tab - Config Editor. You can also add them directly to your prefs.js file in ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile.

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