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Portable Programmers Notepad

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Portable Programmers Notepad

I would like to see Programmers Notepad made portable. Probably with that Registry hack I read about in a different thread.
The program can be found at

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Notepad++ is a notepad program like that and it's been designed for portable use too.
upon installation, choose "don't use %APPDATA% " and it won't use no registry settigns or such.
all that is left to do is put the folder in your portableapps directory and delete the uninstaller executable and you should be good to go Smile

thor erik
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I'm compressing it now, ran

I'm compressing it now, ran throught the different files, just a few optional registry entries, not added upon install Biggrin

So it's fairly simple to install Smile and make portable too Smile

ok i think i screwed it somewhere in the nsi, some one experienced with nsi help me? Blum

Ryan McCue
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Email it to me at cubegames[at]
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I have it done

I have had this done already and it saves the registry settings too but I can't release it without my phone line being taken up for to long as I am now reduced to dialup

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Here you go...
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